Analox Sensor Technology

With many years of collective, specialist mechanical, electronics and software engineering expertise, Analox Sensor Technology is now recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of gas sensors and analysers.

We provides niche and custom gas detection solutions for several industries including beverage and hospitality, commercial diving, laboratories, medical environments and agriculture.

Focusing on air gases including carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen, as well as other gases including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and helium; we provide a wide range of fixed and portable gas monitors as well as OEM sensors and bespoke solutions.

With a strong worldwide network of distributors, We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our customers to design and manufacture products to fit their requirements as closely as possible.

Key Products:

Our Ax60 carbon dioxide detector is approved by the McDonald's Corporation's 'Restaurant Solutions Group' and is installed in McDonald's restaurants across the world.

Both the Ax60 and our O2NE+, a oxygen depletion monitor have also been shortlisted by The S-Lab Awards for Excellence in Laboratory Design, Management and Operation.

  1. Central Units: AX60CDSNYA,  AX60CUQYXA, AX60CUSYXA
  2. Sensor Units: AX60SAQYA, AX60SASYA, AX60SCQYA…
  3. Alarm Units: AX60RQYAA, AX60RQYBA, AX60RSYCA…
  4. AX60+ and AX60 Spares and Accessories: AX60OMQANA, 1558-5200, AX60CO2O2CHECKKIT…

Analox Sensor Product ranges:

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Detection
  • Oxygen (O₂) Deficiency Monitors
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitoring
  • Depth And Pressure Monitoring
  • Humidity (RH) Monitoring
  • Temperature (°C/°F) Monitoring
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Water/Dew Point (H2O) Monitoring