Carlor Engineering focused on originality of design, quality and long-term reliability of its equipment and became quickly an essential partner in the engine preheating sector, both in Belgium and on export markets

  • At the end of 1984 Carlor Engineering unveiled a new preheating system for breakdowns of diesel engines mainly due to ignition problems.
  • During the hard winter of 1985 there were a great number of breakdowns, mainly due to diesel engine ignition problems. Why not intervene before ignition problems occurred? The experience proved conclusive and that is how Carlor Engineernig came up with the idea. We envisaged a system that would be operational during the night, thereby creating the ideal conditions for guaranteeing ignition. Carlor was awarded with the gold medal at the Brussels exhibition Eurëka.
  • 1986: important contract with the Sabena belgian airline company to fit its vehicles with Carlor Engineering’s preheating system.
  • With the support of the Walloon Region studies are being carried out and show a positive impact on reduction in fuel consumption and pollution control.
  • 1994: another gold medal at Eurëka exhibition.
  • 1994 : new study showing the impact of the preheating system in pollution.
  • 1999: a patent and the brand name “Carlor” have been registered.
  • 2000: creation of Carlor Engineering SA whose objective is to industrialize the TopStart heater manufacturing process  and to develop the marketing of the product, mainly with export markets.

ThermoCar is specially created for the requirements of the Canadian market. This device of water pre-heating by thermocirculation is an easier conception than the TopStart heater. Though it preserves the main components. ThermoCar is also introduced on the European market. Adapted to all thermal engines, it is not only a product for professional users, but also for private ones.den nang luong mat troi

New products were unveiled, such as ThermoCar, TopStart 4 – 6 – 9kW and Aqualine, a heating assembly/water circulation system enabling defrosting of drinking troughs in stalls.

Carlor also develops oil heaters.

  • 2012: Carlors moves into a 500m² building better adapted to its needs and ambitions.