Gasmet Technologies develops and manufactures the Gasmet™ line of gas analyzers and monitoring systems.

Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative, customer-driven solutions for industrial gas measurement and monitoring applications. Gasmet™ products are reliable, user-friendly and provide consistently accurate results, all at a highly competitive price.

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Gasmet Technologies has certified its Quality Management System according to ISO 9001. Gasmet™ CEMS has received TÜV (17th Implementing Order) and MCERTS certificates.


Gasmet™ FTIR gas analyzers are also compliant with the U.S. EPA 40 cfr part 60 Appendix b Performance Specification 15.


Gasmet™ analyzers are sold and supported through a global distributor network that covers all continents. Gasmet Technologies Oy´s headquarters are located in Helsinki, which is the capital of Finland. We have two fully owned subsidiaries: Gasmet Technologies (Asia) Ltd. coordinates the marketing and sales activities of Gasmet analyzers in the Asia – Pacific region and provides technical service in the region. Gasmet Technologies Inc. provides sales & after-sales support for the North American market. We also have a comprehensive network of distributors and representatives that covers all continents. You can find our contact detailshere.      


Our factory in Finland takes care of the assembly work, quality-assurance and calibrations. Our supply chain network spans the globe and it consists of companies that share our vision of high-quality and state-of-the-art technology. We also have the capability to design and manufacture customized systems for applications, where standard solutions are not enough.


Gasmet World



1. FTIR Gas Analyzers

Gasmet™ FTIR Gas Analyzers represent most advanced measurement technology available for continuous gas analysis:

  • Multicomponent measurement capability (up to 50 gases can be measured simultaneously with a single analyzer)
  • H2O concentration is always measured – results can be displayed in dry or wet gas
  • Possibility to measure water soluble inorganic gases such as HCl, HF, NH3
  • Calibration stability – no need for any span calibrations, just zero calibration with N2 or air 
  • Cross-interference ("cross-talk") is automatically taken into account in the analysis of results
  • Possibility to identify unknown compounds
  • Real-time data -  measurements results are available directly onsite

Gasmet™ product range features FTIR gas analyzers for various fields of use:


On-Site: Portable Gasmet™ DX-series analyzers can be easily transported to the point of measurement. Gasmet Technologies offers analyzers for both ambient air and flue gas measurements. They are typically used in applications such as stack emissions testing and industrial air quality monitoring. 


DX4030 and PDA screenshot








On-Line: Gasmet™ On-Line monitoring systems are designed for automated and unattended continuous emissions, industrial air-quality and process monitoring applications. The On-Line series monitoring systems are designed to operate continuously without interruptions. Gasmet On-Line product range features both extractive and in-situ – type systems. 










In-Lab: The CR-series Gasmet™ gas analyzers are meant for high sensitivity, high speed gas analysis. They are especially suitable for vehicle exhaust measurements, combustion research and other demanding research applications. The Cr-series analyzers provide short response times and excellent specificity.








2. Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

Gasmet™ CEMS is a hot-wet extractive FTIR gas analysis system which is designed for continuous emissions monitoring and for continuous process monitoring. Measured components and calibration ranges can be selected according to application. 


Typical Application Areas:

  • Waste Incineration Plants (monitoring of H2O, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2, HCl, HF, TOC, O2) 
  • Cement kilns (as above)
  • Power plants with De-NOx systems (monitoring of slip NH3 & SO2, NOx, CO, O2)
  • N2O monitoring at nitric acid plants
  • Brick and glass manufacturing
  • Aluminum and steel smelters

Gasmet™ CMM (Continuous Mercury Monitor) is designed for continuous & unattended monitoring of total mercury (Hg) in flue gas.


Typical Application Areas:

  • Waste Incineration Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Chlor-Alkali Plants
  • Steel Mills


3. Software

Each Gasmet™ gas analyzers is supplied with analysis software that is designed in-house by Gasmet Technologies own software development team. The Calcmet™ software is easy-to-use and allows up to 50 gas compounds to be analyzed simultaneously.








4. Gas Sampling Units & Accessories

Gasmet Technologies also manufactures sampling units and calibrators - all engineered to suit Gasmet™ gas analyzers perfectly. In addition to sampling units and accessories mentioned here, Gasmet Technologies can also supply customer specific solutions.  


4509The Gasmet™ Portable Sampling System has been designed to enable stack measurements with the portable DX4000 FTIR gas analyzer. The principle of operation is hot-wet extractive i.e. the sample gas is not dried or diluted – only particles are filtered out. As an option, the sampling system can also be supplied with a built-in ZrO2 cell for oxygen measurements. The portable sampling system is complemented by a portable heated probe and heated sample gas lines. All parts in contact with the sample are kept at 180 C.


We also have solutions for applications where samples need to be taken from multiple point - with the Gasmet™ MSS (Multipoint Sampling System) up to 32 sample points can be monitored with just a single Gasmet™ FTIR gas analyzer.