Bộ Phận Cán Tấm – Hot Strip Mill

  • Encoder khách hàng đang dùng. (The type of Encoder customers are using).

  • Ví dụ Chuyển Đổi: (Example:)

LEINE & LINDE     Chuyển đổi thành             NSD + Housing + Case + Coupling

  • Bảng chọn code phù hợp với Sumtak và Các encoder khác của nhà máy nếu cần thay thế gấp:

(Option Push-Pull output)

  • Thông số Kỹ Thuật của ezABSO – NSD – Japan: (Specification of ezABSO)

Giảm stock kho – giảm chi phí vận hành – giảm thiệt hại trong sản xuất.

Tăng độ chính xác – Tăng hiệu suất làm việc – Tăng thời gian hoạt động.

Item Specifications
Power supply voltage 10.8 ~ 28.8VDC
Current consumption 240mA or less (at 12VDC)
120mA or less (at 24VDC)
300mA or less (at 12VDC)
150mA or less (at 24VDC)
Vibration resistance (JIS C 60068-2-6) 200m/S2
Shock resistance (JIS C 60068-2-27) 2,000m/S2
Ambient operating temperature -20 ~ +80℃ No condensation -20 ~ +75℃ No condensation
Ambient storage temperature -20 ~ +90℃ No condensation -20 ~ +90℃ No condensation
Mass Approx. 0.5kg

Mechnical Specifications

Item Specifications
Position detection format Electromagnetic Induction Type
Shaft diameter 10mm
Protection rating IP66 (IP64 for sensor shaft during the operation)
Permissible shaft load Radial:40N  Thrust:20N
Permissible mechanical speed 6,000r/min (continuous operation)
Linearity error 0.03°(±0.015°)
Material Body:Aluminum  Shaft:Stainless
Moment of inertia 1×10-6kgm2
Starting torque 0.02N・m

Encoder Performance

Item Specifications
Total number of turns 8,778
Number of divisions Max. 2,301,100,032 divisions (8,778-turn x 262,144)
※262,144 is the number of divisions per turn.
Output code Binary code
Moniter function ezSCOPE

Communication Specifications

Item Specifications
Interface CC-Link Ver.1.10 PROFIBUS-DP (V0)
Baud rate 10M/5M/2.5M/625k/156k [bps] 9.6k/19.2k/45.45k/93.75k/187.5k
/500k/1.5M/3M/6M/12M [bps]
(Automatic Baud Rate Identification)
Number of stations occupied 1 station
Stations type Remote device stations Modular device
Item Specifications
Communication Physical layer Ethernet 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, ISO/IEC 8802-3
Number of communication ports 2 (connector: M12)
Communication speed *3 Auto-Negotiation (100Mbps / 10Mbps)
Communication method *3 Auto-Negotiation (Full-Duplex / Half-Duplex)
Communication cycle time (RPI) *1 2ms to 3200ms
EtherNet/IP CIP protocol CIP Conformance Test CT-16
Device Level Ring (DLR)
EtherNet/IP CIP profile Encoder Profile
Recommended cable CAT-5e STP straight cable
Cable length *2 Between nodes: Max. 100m
Function IP address setting Setting by the switch setting (Class C)
or receiving it from BOOTP or DHCP server automatically (Class A, B, and C)
Communication setting
(Speed and method)
Automatic setting by auto-Negotiation
(with communication setting switch)
Max. number of I/O connections 3 units
Monitor function Web server

*1 The RPI setting value is limited when using with several masters.
*2 The cable might not extend to 100m according to the connection status or environment.
  Check the maximum cable length by asking a cable manufacturer or checking the following document;
  - EtherNet/IP Media Planning and Installation Manual [PUB00148R0]
   (Download the above manual from the ODVA website.)
*3 The communication method can set to fix to 100Mbps/Full-Duplex by the communication setting switch (SW).