Ensures EMI-RFI Protection for Equipment in any Environment

Enerdoor three phase parallel filters reduce electrical noise generated by devices such as variable frequency drives, SCRs, controllers, and other high commutation electrical equipment.They also provide protection against overvoltage spikes coming from the main power line which may damage devices inside an electrical cabinet.

Benefits of Enerdoor Parallel Filters:

  • Only one model is needed for any current range
  • Attenuates RF noise in lower frequencies than other EMI filters
  • Ensures EMI-RFI protection for equipment in any environment
  • Prevents equipment malfunctions and production downtime
  • Reduces technical service costs and increases profits
  • High differential and common mode attenuation
  • Reduces EMI interference

Applications for Parallel Filters:

  • CNC Machines
  • Recharging Station
  • Multiple Drive Applications
  • Renewable Energy
  • SCR Applications

Enerdoor Parallel Filters Product list:

  • FIN130SP
  • FIN230SP
  • FIN730
  • FIN735
  • FIN740
  • FINGNR Ground Noise Reduction Filter

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