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Analog Microelectronics GmbH

Analog Microelectronics GmbH VietNam

Analox Sensor Technology VietNam

Analox Sensor Technology VietNam

EYC Yuden Tech Vietnam

EYC Yuden Tech Vietnam



Ss02 - Southland Sensing

Ss02 - Southland Sensing



Uflow valves - Uflow valves VietNam - STC Vietnam

Unifine Engineering has made a step forward in valve industries. We are committed to ensure-quality products at par excellence according to engineering standard with all commercially, esthetically and economically. We provide you valves to best suit your requirement of control flow of air, gases, water, oil and steam. We assure you to provide best quality product with the most economical price in present market situation

Atago Japan - Atago Vietnam - STC Vietnam

ATAGO has been the leader in refractometer technology for over 73 years. The history of Refractometers began with a basic model – a simple analog instrument. Today, refractometers are highly sophisticated due to the advancement of technology and the incorporation of high precision electronics into a refractometer.

Gasdna Korea- Gasdna Vietnam - STC Vietnam

We are a specialized developer and manufacturer of combustible, toxic gas detector and infrared thermometer and are focusing on developing and distributing more convenient and stable gas detector and infrared thermometer.

TdeMacno Italy - TdeMacno Vietnam - STC Vietnam

TDE MACNO S.p.A. is a reliable partner in the supply of products for the motion control and in the development of systems for the regulation and control of industrial applications.

Gasmet Finland - Gasmet Vietnam - STC Vietnam

Gasmet Technologies provides solutions for demanding gas monitoring applications, such as continuous emissions monitoring, process gas analysis and industrial hygiene.

Partner GPE USA - GPE Vietnam - STC Vietnam

Golden promise Equipment Inc. is a measurement solutions company specializing in selling fluid control meters and pumps. Located in New York City with offices and factories in New Jersey, we strive to market quality products for customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America

SPG Motor Korea - SPG Motor Vietnam - STC Vietnam

We have renamed from SUNGSHIN P & IND. Co.,Ltd to SPG Co.,Ltd to reflect the changes and improvements of our firm in hopes of obtaining a more prominent position in the international world of motor manufacturing. Renovating SPG Co.,Ltd is always making utmost endeavors for the highest quality and the most cost effective

Sanyodenki VietNam

he SANYO DENKI Group has been carrying out structural reforms since the beginning of the last fiscal year in an effort to deliver products and services that boast uniform high quality to customers around the world. Additionally, we have been working to have the Group companies around the world perform the same functions as the parent company in Japan

carlor Vietnam

Carlor Engineering focused on originality of design, quality and long-term reliability of its equipment and became quickly an essential partner in the engine preheating sector, both in Belgium and on export markets

Marzorati VietNam

Marzorati Sistemi di Trasmissione S.r.l. is located in Brugherio (MB) a few Km from Milan and quickly accessible from the airport of Milano Linate, Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio.

Vatsmeter VietNam

Vatturkar Industrial was established in 1993 with a commitment to produce premium products with a focus on quality & value to the user. Since the beginning we have embraced diverse technologies, to present products, which are innovative, performance driven, & simply ahead of others.

Kateel VietNam

Kateel was founded in 1984 with a vision of being a high quality supplier of critical engineering components. Our vision is matched by our determination and dedication to exceed customer expectations in the levels of service and product quality

Airaindia VietNam

We “airatext1111“accredited with ISO 9001, form BVQI – LONDON,the Indian valve manufacturer over 20 years’ experience supplying the global industry of all kind of industrial automated valves of...

PhyMetrix VietNam

PhyMetrix Inc. a global provider of advanced sensing and measurement instruments assembled a renowned team of Scientists and Engineers to research and design a revolutionary line of measurement instruments to meet today’s market needs. With over two decades of experience in the field of process measurement, the team released in December of 2008 the world’s smallest, fastest, most accurate moisture measurement instruments. This multi-million dollar business brings a new level of efficiency to advanced sensing and measurement for Laboratory and Process Control applications

Werma Vietnam

WERMA Signaltechnik is one of the world's leading companies for optical and audible signal devices. The globally active company from Swabia in Germany is pioneering in terms of technical and future-fit innovations. Our signal devices ensure safe working environments and efficient processes with machines, systems, manufacturing bays and buildings.

Keller-MSR Vietnam

KELLER MSR is an independent division of KELLER HCW GmbH, a company with a rich tradition of technical excellence and entrepreneurial spirit that goes back more than a century.