Introduction about Givi Misure : 

Offering high-quality and technologically-advanced products at competitive prices, ensuring a service level in line with a total customer satisfaction policy _ this has been GIVIMISURE's mission for 40 years. Besides  head quarter in Italy, GIVIMISURE has direct offices in China, India and Turkey. GIVI MISURE has a wide range of products suitable to satisfy any measurement and control need.

Application :

  • CNC Machines: GIVI MISURE measurement systems provide the right solution for CNC with the high speeds, accelerations and the heavy working conditions.
  • Press brakes: GIVI MISURE has been supplying its optical and magnetic scales to the most important press brakes OEMs worldwide.
  • Traditional machines: GIVI MISURE is able to provide a full package for the display and control of the axes.
  • Wood, glass and marble processing machines: GIVI MISURE produces a wide range of instruments designed to withstand dirt, accelerations, vibrations and able to preserve the initial accuracy unchanged over time.
  • Automation: provides for some phases of semifinished products handling and mechanized processing stages to reach the finished product: measure displacements, rotations and distances with different degrees of accuracy,…
  • Renewable energies: In advanced solar tracking systems, both photovoltaic and large solar thermal plants, our sensors ensure that the photovoltaic panels and concentrator mirrors are always in the optimal orientation and tilt angle. Also in the wind industry, the accurate control of rotation parameters guarantees an optimal use of the climatic conditions.
  • Special applications: providing measuring instruments for special applications, standard or customized systems. From diagnostic tools for medical applications to food industry machines, passing through advanced printing systems and large shipyards.


  • Optical Scales
  • Magnetic Systems : Incremental & absolute magnetic sensor, magnetic band, digital readout, magnetic ring, Incremental & absolute magnetic scale
  • Rotary Encoders : Absolute encoder,  incremental encoder
  • Digital Readouts
  • Position Controllers
  • Accessories

Outstanding products :

 1 . Givi- misure – thước quang – optical scales

Series: GVS 200, GVS 202S, GVS 204, GVS 300, GVS 400, GVS 600, GVS 608, GMS

Device is used to measure material dimensions and equipment using optical technology.

Absolute or translational dimensional measurements, based on optical or magnetic technologies, are co-operative for press synchronizer applications.
Readers are mounted by an automatic groove and self-cleaning with springs.
Resolution up to 0.1 μm. Accuracy to ± 1 μm
Linear extension systems characteristic of the optical mesh or magnetic tape are used.
Digital references are only at coded distances or can be selected vertically 10 mm across the full length gauge, with the Zero Magneto Set device.
- It is widely used in all major measurement jobs such as cutting machines, drilling machines, and queuing machines

 2 . Givi- misure Hệ thống từ tính – Magnetic system

  • Cảm biến từ tính tương đối và tuyệt đối- incremental & absolute magnetic sensor: Givi- misure  MTS series , MTV  series, AGM Sereis
  • Băng từ  - magnetic band : Givi- misure  MP Series
  • Bộ đọc kỹ thuật số - digital readout : Givi- misure  Vision 110
  • Vòng từ tính - magnetic ring: Givi- misure  MR series
  • Thước từ tương đối và tuyết đối  - Incremental & absolute magnetic scale : Givi- misure GVS 215, GVS 219 series

 - Magnetic systems for no-contact measurements of accurate linear and rotative displacements. Small-sized sensors.
Stainless steel support for magnetic band equipped with bi-adhesive tape for an easy and economical fixing.

The induction converter series for MTS-MTV and corresponding magnetic strips allow easy and economical application even on computer operating under conditions The MTR version can provide similar functionality and is suitable for applications with space installation modes. The VISION 110 system allows for moderate computing, and in a self-powered version, suitable for laptops. Absolute AGM sensors, with SSI-BiSS interface or CANopen, represent a new change in the field. The scales from GVS 215 (incremental) and GVS 219 (absolute) applied on the alarm clock or on the machines need to correspond to the measuring system. In magnetic systems, GIVI MISURE provides, consisting of MR magnetic rings, used to rotate motion.


Bộ mã hóa xung tuyến tính Incremetal Encorder - Series: EN 58, EN 38, EN 413, EN 30, VN 413

Bộ mã hóa xung tuyệt đối – Absolute Encorder : AEN 58 Series

- A robust and compact structure combines versatility in use to such a wide range of features that any application need can be met with satisfactory solutions.

- Metal case for an effective protection against electromagnetic interference.

- Wide range of pulses/rev. up to 64,000 ppr.

- Max. frequency 300 kHz and IP 67 protection DIN 40050/IEC 529 on request.


VISION digital readouts are manufactured with the most advanced electronic technology available: low-voltage components (3.3 Volts), minimal consumption and high degree of integration allowing multiple and versatile performances.

- Givi Misure provides 3 digital readout :

  • GIVI MISURE VI 518 : Single-axis digital readout, for absolute and incremental systems
  • GIVI MISURE VI 700 sereis : Multi-axis digital readout, with LED display – VI722, VI723, VI722L, VI723L, VI733, VI734, VI733L, VI734L
  • GIVI MISURE VI 900 : Multi-axis digital readout, with touch-screen color LCD, for absolute and incremental systems


High input speed, wide range of specific functions and ease of use are the main characteristics of THESI position controllers, whose primary application field is in sheet-metal cutting and bending machines.

- The axis position control can be carried out in manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode with a selectable resolution from 1 to 200 microns.

- The metal box, combined with the optoisolated inputs, make this instrument protected against electromagnetic interferences.

Order Code : 

  • Single-axis position controller  THESI 310 
  • Two-axis position controller  THESI 320