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NSD multi turn absolute position sensor named MRE ABSOCODER is an electro-mechanical sensor that measures the angular position under magnetic reluctance change.


List of sensor model Total number of turns Shape Type Mounting Shaft shape Connector type
MRE-32SP062SAC 32 S P062 S A C
□ : 64,128,160, 256,320
  • Shape:S[Cylinder type]
  • Type : P[Standard]
  • Mounting : S[Servo-mount type] F[Flange-mount type]
  • Shaft shape : A[Flat] B[Key way]
  • Connector type : C[Cable & connector](connector: Standard type)
Item Specification
Sensor model MRE-32SP062 MRE-G□SP062
Total number of turns 32 64 128 160 256 320
Divisions/Turn 4096 2048 1024 819.2 512 409.6
Total number of divisions 131072(217)
Mass(kg) 1.5 1.0
Linearity error(°degree) 1 Max. 2 Max. 4 Max. 5 Max. 8 Max. 10 Max.
Moment of inertia kg・m2 {kgf・cm・s2} 6.7×10-6{6.8×10-5} 3.9×10-6{4.0×10-5}
Starting torque N・m{kgf・cm} 4.9×10-2 {0.5} or less
Permissible shaft load Radial(N {kgf}) 98{10}
Thrust(N {kgf}) 49{5}
Permissible mechanical speed 3600
Bearing life(h) 3.0×104(at 3600 r/min) 1.5×104(at 3600 r/min)
Ambient temperature Operating -20 ~ +60
Storage -30 ~ +90
Vibration resistance 2.0×102m/s2 {20G} 200Hz up /down 4h, forward/back 2h, conforms to JIS D1601 standard
Shock resistance 4.9×103m/s2 {500G} 0.5ms up/down/forward/back 3 times each, conforms to JIS C5026 standard
Protection rating IP52f(JEM1030)
Max. sensor cable length Standard cable (m) 100(4P-S)
Robotic cable (m) 40(4P-RBT) 70(4P-RBT)
Interconnecting sensor cable (m) 2

Number of divisions
Division numbers of the sensor are different depending on which converter or controller is being used together.Please check the division numbers per turn by specifications of the converter or controller that you plan to use.


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