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VS-10G is the multi functional smart VARILIMIT with various output options such as digital signal output, analog signal output, motion control and multi preset function.


  • Max.30 points of limit switches output
  • Max.4 points of motion control On/Off signal can be selected by 1 switch
  • Max.1ms of signal updating cycle
  • User friendly digital function setting and display

VS-10G [1]-[2]-[3]-[4]

[1]Output system

Code Specification
Blank Sink type


Code Specification
Blank Switch output only
D Switch output with current position output
A Switch output with position/speed voltage output
C Switch output with position/speed current output

[3]Power supply voltage

Code Specification
1 24VDC

[4]Applicable sensor

Code Applicable sensor
MP MRE-32SP062
(□ : 64/128/160/256/320)
LC CSA Cylinder
V2 VRE-16TS062


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