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Incremental optical scale for large machines

·         Incremental optical scale, available in a single piece or in modular version for large machines (up to 30040 mm of measuring length or higher on request).

·         Application in various industrial fields such as machine tools, vertical lathes, gantry machines, laser/plasma cutting machines, robotics, automation, etc.

·         Stainless steel grating, integral with the machine guide, for an excellent accuracy at any temperature.

·         Resolutions up to 0.1 μm. Accuracy grade ± 5 μm.

·         Rigidly bound modules, for a perfect seal against liquids and environmental dirty, unaltered over time.

·         Reference indexes at coded distance, at constant step, or selectable every 50 mm along the entire measuring length, with Zero Magneto Set device.

·         Adjustable cable output, through double connector.

·         Wide alignment tolerances.

·         Pressurization from both sides of the scale and/or of the transducer.

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GVS 900 V

Sine wave output

GVS 900 T

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