WERMA Introduction

Clever solutions that simply work – this has been our goal at WERMA for decades, and customers from all over the world confirm our success day after day. We are setting the standards for modern signal technology - and are also defining their future: for more than twenty years with modular signal towers as the industry standard, and with networked, intelligent system solutions today. The "Made in Germany" label is thereby a guarantee that now allows us to describe ourselves with pride as "Europe's leading signal. The products and solutions from WERMA make processes safe and keep them running efficiently. You can thereby not only permanently optimise processes, but also save time and money.

WERMA Product ranges:

  • Signal Towers: Modular Signal Towers, Pre-assembled Signal Towers.
  • Process-optimisation systems: StockSAVER, AndonSPEED, SmartMONITOR, AndonLIGHT, KombiSIGN reflect, SignalSET.
  • Signal Beacon and traffic lights: Mini-Midi-Maxi Signal Beacons, Micro Installation Beacons, FlexSQUARE Traffic Lights, Heavy-Duty Beacons, Obstruction Light, Traffic Lights /Signal Beacons, Monitorable Beacons, Ex Signal Beacons.
  • Horns and Sirens: Mini-Midi-Sounder, Installation Sirens and Buzzers, Design Multi-tone Sirens, Vocal alarm, Heavy-Duty Multi-Tone Sirens, Alarm Bell, Ex Horns and Sirens.
  • Optical-audible combinations: Mini-Midi-Combination, Installation Combination, Design Combination, Heavy-Duty Combination
  • Configuration tools: Configurator KombiSIGN, Configurator KOMPAKT 37, Configurator Traffic Light 890, Configurator Traffic Light 853, Configurator EvoSIGNAL

WERMA Application:

  • Mechanical engineering and plant construction: Supporting and securing processes
  • Safe applications in line with EU Machinery Directive
  • Switch cabinets and equipment engineering: Signaling with installation beacons or base-mounting beacons
  • Increase productivity with clever system solutions
  • More transparency for your processes
  • Logistics and shipping: Process-optimisation systems
  • Cleanroom and food industry: Signaling under hygienic conditions
  • Building services and obstruction lights: Safety around obstacles, at airports and in buildings
  • Explosion-protected signaling devices and extreme conditions: Signaling even in adverse conditions