Enerdoor Medical and Military Filters - STC Vietnam

Medical Applications

Today’s medical devices such as testing equipment, MRIs and x-ray machines demand high power quality. Enerdoor medical filters provide the clean power necessary to ensure system performance at an affordable cost.

Enerdoor EMI-RFI medical filters meet the highly demanding requirements associated with medical applications. These filters reduce electromagnetic interferences and guarantee minimal leakage currents and ensure the safe operation of electrical medical devices. Many Enerdoor filters comply with EN 60601-1 and other international standards.

Filters for medical applications: 5 MHz - 5 GHz

Military Applications

Enerdoor military grade filters achieve a high level of shielding on protected environments.All models are built and tested conforming to all military regulations, including: MI15733,L.F- MIL-STD-220A and Civil UL1283.

This series is characterized by a leakage current to ground (below 30 mA), which allows use in any environment without the need for special installation procedures.

Filters for military applications: 10 KHz - 10 GHz

Filters for scientific and industrial laboratory applications measuring: 100 KHz - 10 GHz

Enerdoor additionally offers custom solutions with different voltage, attenuation levels, mechanical dimensions, and electrical specifications.

Enerdoor Medical and Military Filters Product list: