Heavy Duty Multi-turn type ABSOCODER Sensor MRE®

NSD multi turn absolute position sensor named MRE ABSOCODER is an electro-mechanical sensor that measures the angular position under magnetic reluctance change. True heavy duty MRE series has been proven its excellent performance and durability at actual production field under high shock, high temperature and high speed vibrationEx. MRE-32SP101FKB2-G

②Number of
③Shape ④Phase
⑤Mounting ⑥Input
sensor cable (m)
⑨Silicon oil
MRE 32 S P061 F K B - -
32 S P074 F K B 2 -G
32 S P101 F K B 2 -G
1024 S 16TS100 F K P 2 -G

greenimage select the required specification.

①Sensor model

MRE[Multi-turn type]

②Number of turns

SP061, SP074 SP101 1024S16TS100
32 : 32 turns
G64 : 64 turns
G128 : 128 turns
G160 : 160 turns
G256 : 256 turns
G320 : 320 turns
32 : 32 turns
G64 : 64 turns
G128 : 128 turns
G160 : 160 turns
G256 : 256 turns
G320 : 320 turns
G512 : 512 turns
G1280 : 1280 turns
G2048 : 2048 turns
G2560 : 2560 turns
G3072 : 3072 turns
1024 : 1024 turns


S[Cylinder type]

④Phase type

P[Standard type] 16TS[High-resolution type]


F[Fiange-mount type] L[Base-mount type] M[Face-mount type (Only 074)]

⑥Input shaft

K[Sunk key]

⑦Connector type

  • B[Standard connector for NSD standard cable]
  • R[Terminals for commercially available cable and NSD standard cable]
  • P[Large connector for JKPEV-S cable]
    (Only MRE-1024S16TS100)

⑧Interconnecting sensor cable (m)

2[2m] 5[5m] 10[10m] 15[15m] 20[20m]
MRE-□SP061:only by 2m

⑨Silicon oil injected

G[Silicon oil injected] Blank[None]

  • The MRE-G sensor allow for a slight backlash due to the reducing gear.

Mounting F[Fiange-mount type] L[Base-mount type] M[Face-mount type] Input shaft K[Sunk key] Connector type B[Standard connector] R[Crimp-type terminal] P[Large connector]

System Configuration
Fig:Heavy Duty MRE® System Configuration